I was so pleased when Tanya asked me to be her photographer.  I had known her from a younger age & loved the fact she had the faith in me to ask her to be her photographer not long after I had decided to be brave & follow my dreams.

The venue they had chosen was Knightor winery, a perfect location for a relaxed wedding.  the drive through St Austell was dark & stormy, yet when I arrived at the  winery, luckily the sun decided to shine through all the clouds, & stay for the whole day.

The preparations started as the wedding day continued, a family affair , with many hands helping out & feeling the love.

this theme continued on, with Tanya's dad walking Tanya & her beautiful girls down the aisle, her brother filmed the ceremony & the lovely twins took it in turns to do a reading.

While the guests consumed a few soft drinks, the happy couple & I wondered around the winery, a truly beautiful venue, a photographers dream in fact.

a wheel barrel of beer, bountiful bottles of wine later & the speeches enfolded to cheers & laughter, so much laughter, the perfect afternoon unfolded.

Tanya & Carl's love story really is a modern day fairy tale & it is so beautiful to see how happy they all are, their mountain awaits & I am sure they will be flying high for a very long time to come.

as a wise lady said "it's all about the smiles & tears, because love means facing your biggest fears."