Who doesn't love cake?? Cake and getting covered in it, what better way to celebrate a birthday.  Cake smashes are a great photo opportunity to for the little people to party and to eat cake and get phtogrpahed while doing all of the above.

cake smash birthday glee

Cakey Tea?

cake smash with pet rabbit

The children and their friends LOVE the cake, quite often being shy at first, with a small nibble here or there and then building up to a crescendo of cake smattering madness. 

Cake smash 1st birthday

The giggles and the wide eyed stares, teamed up with icing on the feet and toes is really something quite beautific, and generally, a cake smash session ends with everyone including me covered in cake.

cake smash baby girl

off course this is a trend that comes from the states and has finally made its way to the UK & is just now sneaking its way into Cornwall, where we LOVE cake & babies, who couldn't, they are both adorable!!

Bath Time...

without a doubt a  cake & a baby being let loose on said cake, creates a hell of a lot of mess, this birthday treat is not for the faint-hearted, with cake on your clothes, your face, my lens & probably a bit of your carpet or curtain.

cakesmash tin bath

So what better way to end the birthday bash photography than with a baby in a bath, having a lovely time.  Away from the cake.