The camera taught me how to see & how to tell my stories, it is now teaching me that I need to blog, I guess another way for me to tell a story, but not in a style that I particularly relish.  So here goes my virgin blog, an introduction to me... 


Verity Westcott Self Portrait


I am without a doubt one of the clumsiest females on the planet, I have just walked into my studio door while trying to retrieve a book that could aid me in my ramblings. Yet somehow with camera in hand, my main character traits change ever so lightly, I am in command & in control & the awkward klutzy girl disappears.

A wise woman once told me to look inward, not to worry about what I think people want of me, or to worry about what others are doing or achieving. She told me not to seek approval or praise, but to create a portfolio I am proud of.  I have thought long and hard on this, I have even changed my approach to clients, not jumping on every offer that comes my way- quite simply, you can not polish a turd.

I have learned to trust my gut & to not be so bothered about the brag or brand of other photographers, I know who I am.

And for the naysayers & a bad old boss that told me "I probably wasn't good enough": screw you, I am getting there, I have achieved so much in this year alone, being in print, blogs I love, even pushing myself out there to the dreaded wedding fairs ( which I am oddly starting to like).

So this is me; "the woman with the tattoos on her skin & the fire in her belly", not conforming and living my dream, to the beat of my drum.

Here is a link to Jess Collins truth chronicles, the woman that helped me see sense & gave me an amazing break which led to a collaboration I love.