A Hackney Wedding tail & a Dalston Boys Club shindig.

confetti shot

Words are at a loss to me when describing the beauty, Love & raw emotion that was witnessed at this wedding. I always favour the idea that my camera can tell a story, that my own words would fail to.  my photographs will tell you this story, help you feel the magic, witness the emotion, feel the love.

 So with no further ado, here is the love story of V & O, a perfectly beautiful tail of two souls that were made for each other, a day spent with family & friends, in two very cool locations, locations of which at first I was terrified at the thought of, due to low light & the fact I was in LOndon, how ever I am so proud of these images.  I had the best day ever, loved all of the guests, LOVE LOVE V & O with all my heart, and the venues, taught me to trust in myself and to stop sweating the small stuff.

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The Worrall's St Ives Mexican wedding experience.


Elise was my first bride to book me from a wedding fair.  I was so surprised when she did I kind of forgot all protocol and I think we high fived?


Elise arrived in style in her dads Jenson Interceptor to the Guild Hall in St Ives,  Where she was serenaded down the aisle by her brothers band.

Elise, James & myself nipped off in the vintage for a short tour around St Ives, resulting in some of my favourite photographs to date.

Off course the colourful theme continued to the Mexican reception, with a tequila slammer station & a insanely awesome mariachi band.

With tequila, love & many, many great personalities, memories were made.


There are so many great images from this day, I thank Elise, James & their families for letting me tell their story, including the piñata clubbing & all of the dancing.

ST IVES wedding

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Tanya & Carl's Knightor Wedding

I was so pleased when Tanya asked me to be her photographer.  I had known her from a younger age & loved the fact she had the faith in me to ask her to be her photographer not long after I had decided to be brave & follow my dreams.

The venue they had chosen was Knightor winery, a perfect location for a relaxed wedding.  the drive through St Austell was dark & stormy, yet when I arrived at the  winery, luckily the sun decided to shine through all the clouds, & stay for the whole day.

The preparations started as the wedding day continued, a family affair , with many hands helping out & feeling the love.

this theme continued on, with Tanya's dad walking Tanya & her beautiful girls down the aisle, her brother filmed the ceremony & the lovely twins took it in turns to do a reading.

While the guests consumed a few soft drinks, the happy couple & I wondered around the winery, a truly beautiful venue, a photographers dream in fact.

a wheel barrel of beer, bountiful bottles of wine later & the speeches enfolded to cheers & laughter, so much laughter, the perfect afternoon unfolded.

Tanya & Carl's love story really is a modern day fairy tale & it is so beautiful to see how happy they all are, their mountain awaits & I am sure they will be flying high for a very long time to come.

as a wise lady said "it's all about the smiles & tears, because love means facing your biggest fears."

Pre Wedding Sessions For Free

Engagement session, Pre Wedding Shoot, Having fun on a cliff... How ever you wish to word them, I offer them as part of my wedding photography, and the best thing is that they are free.....

Free engagement session at St Agnes

I offer these sessions for free, as I think they are a great way off getting to know each other, and to help all concerned feel at ease.  I cannot imagine it being the most pleasurable of experiences being followed around by a camera all day, but at least if you have met me and my camera's and have previous experience of my skills that stress is taken away from you on the actual wedding day.  

Cliff engagement

Quite often my brides and grooms are not comfortable in front of the camera and dread the thought of the wedding day photos.  The pre wedding sessions hopefully aid in easing that discomfort.

Free pre wedding session

It is a chance to get to know each other, for me to learn your story, how you met, how he proposed etc.  For you to ask me any questions you may have about your big day, and the photography side of things.

Free engagement session with puppy

The locations is totally up to you guys, I can go where ever and love to find new places, maybe a beach or location that means something special to you, or maybe where the proposal took place.  Seriously if you wish to whisk me off to Iceland or New York I would be very willing,

 I also love to get any family pets involved.  if you are anything like me, your pet is your family and most probably your baby.  Bring your puppy along, I beg of you.

Cronwall free engagement session

These images are all from a great couple, I had the pleasure of meeting Elise at one of my very first wedding fairs I did not really have much of a clue & I used to dread them terribly ( I feel that this may feature in its very own blog soon enough), when she said she wanted to book me, I didn't even know what I was meant to do, I was so surprised and so pleased.  The fact they asked for their pre wedding session to be taken place in St Agnes where I grew up literally left me delighted, we got to hang out in a place I know and love, took some photographs and then went to my favourite pub ever, The Driftwood Spars, for a pint.  What is there not to love about that afternoon.


St Agnes engagement session

So now I just await in anticipation for their big day, which for the record includes a Mariachi band...


An actual Mariachi band...

An actual Mariachi band...

I just now need to decide what to call them...

Cake Smash Baby...

Who doesn't love cake?? Cake and getting covered in it, what better way to celebrate a birthday.  Cake smashes are a great photo opportunity to for the little people to party and to eat cake and get phtogrpahed while doing all of the above.

cake smash birthday glee

Cakey Tea?

cake smash with pet rabbit

The children and their friends LOVE the cake, quite often being shy at first, with a small nibble here or there and then building up to a crescendo of cake smattering madness. 

Cake smash 1st birthday

The giggles and the wide eyed stares, teamed up with icing on the feet and toes is really something quite beautific, and generally, a cake smash session ends with everyone including me covered in cake.

cake smash baby girl

off course this is a trend that comes from the states and has finally made its way to the UK & is just now sneaking its way into Cornwall, where we LOVE cake & babies, who couldn't, they are both adorable!!

Bath Time...

without a doubt a  cake & a baby being let loose on said cake, creates a hell of a lot of mess, this birthday treat is not for the faint-hearted, with cake on your clothes, your face, my lens & probably a bit of your carpet or curtain.

cakesmash tin bath

So what better way to end the birthday bash photography than with a baby in a bath, having a lovely time.  Away from the cake.


My Virgin blog...

The camera taught me how to see & how to tell my stories, it is now teaching me that I need to blog, I guess another way for me to tell a story, but not in a style that I particularly relish.  So here goes my virgin blog, an introduction to me... 


Verity Westcott Self Portrait


I am without a doubt one of the clumsiest females on the planet, I have just walked into my studio door while trying to retrieve a book that could aid me in my ramblings. Yet somehow with camera in hand, my main character traits change ever so lightly, I am in command & in control & the awkward klutzy girl disappears.

A wise woman once told me to look inward, not to worry about what I think people want of me, or to worry about what others are doing or achieving. She told me not to seek approval or praise, but to create a portfolio I am proud of.  I have thought long and hard on this, I have even changed my approach to clients, not jumping on every offer that comes my way- quite simply, you can not polish a turd.

I have learned to trust my gut & to not be so bothered about the brag or brand of other photographers, I know who I am.

And for the naysayers & a bad old boss that told me "I probably wasn't good enough": screw you, I am getting there, I have achieved so much in this year alone, being in print, blogs I love, even pushing myself out there to the dreaded wedding fairs ( which I am oddly starting to like).

So this is me; "the woman with the tattoos on her skin & the fire in her belly", not conforming and living my dream, to the beat of my drum.

Here is a link to Jess Collins truth chronicles, the woman that helped me see sense & gave me an amazing break which led to a collaboration I love.