Hi, I am Verity a Cornish photographer,  I love Stevie Wonder, dairy lea & my basset hound, Toby bear  is my best friend.

For as long as I can remember I have always been playing with cameras and hiding behind lenses. It has taken years for me to discover myself and turn my passion into a career. 

Natural light is my second best friend & I love to photograph outdoors. I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Cornwall and embrace any opportunity to photograph my subject(s) at the beach, in forests or out at sea.

I studied photography at university and also taught photography for several years, eventually realising that teaching was not for me, actively taking photographs and learning new techniques constantly has my heart. 

My style has been described as unconventional, inventive, unorthodox & unusual. I build upon established technique to capture the unique & beautiful. I am not a formal photographer, relaxed unposed images make me happy. I aim to capture all the raw emotions of your day, with you hardly noticing I am there, I love it when my clients are in awe of images of them selves.  I want you to look at my photographs, exhale a large "wow" and marvel in their beauty.

I love how photography allows me to tell a story aesthetically that I may not have been able to tell verbally. Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving & reliving a moment again & again.


vee in a bush