Verity Westcott Photography

who am I?

Verity Westcott


a Cornish photographer who has a penchant for Bowie & Fleetwood, dairy lea & my basset hound & all things Ru Paul!!!

My dad gave me a camera as a child, ( I think to stop me singing) and since then it's what i have hid behind, telling stories through my lens, where words fail me.  a possibly awkward Vee, once given a light box,  becomes a camera brandishing story telling warrior.

I love to break away from the norm, breaking traditions, 

Natural light is my true love, I love to photograph outdoors, on the beach, in a tipi, on a cliff top,in a beer garden,a  zoo, a back garden, maybe please a cider farm,  where ever you can take me!! I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Cornwall and embrace any opportunity to photograph immersed in nature.

I studied photography at university and also taught photography for several years, eventually realising that teaching was not for me, actively taking photographs and learning new techniques constantly has my heart. 

I shoot with  fuji cameras that are small & silent, not to interrupt any part of your day.  I am not a  traditional or a formal photographer.  I aim to capture all the raw emotions of your day, with you hardly noticing I am there, with out the aid of a list.

i aim to capture moments creatively, unposed & untamed.

 The bear in his natural inhabitat.

The bear in his natural inhabitat.

who are you??

If you hate to have your photograph taken, if you think you are awkward in front of the camera.  If you like to break the rules.  if you don't care what people think, and wish to do things your way.  if the thought of a traditional first dance fills you with dread.  if you want your photography to be stress free, fun, if you want your photographer to be more like a guest, with mad camera skills.  

if you are doing your wedding how you both want to do it, your wedding your way!!






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